June Newsletter


Jesus, Out of Doors

With June we enter the summer season which will take us outdoors and out into nature.  Nature can be a "religious experience" when it leads us to see the hand of the Creator and to praise and thank God for his good creation.  Places like the wilderness areas of the north Cascades, the ocean beaches, and the Grand Canyon have led me to see God's handiwork and in awe to praise God.

Jesus lived with nature, and He taught from it.  If I want an object lesson, I have to carry it into the pulpit or trust that you and I can blend our imaginations to envision a scene.  Jesus had his illustrations at first hand so that the people could often reach out and touch them.  "Consider the lilies of the field," Jesus said, and the people looked at a hillside just to their right.  "A certain man went out to sow seed," Jesus said, and every   person in the crowd knew what he was talking about because they had either sown seed or had seen another do it.  "There was a shepherd who lost a sheep" and there wasn't a person there but whose acquaintance included someone who had gone searching for such a poor, lost beast.

But the marvel with Jesus is that He took such common elements and touched them with     eternity.  The people who heard him teach knew all about lilies, farming, and sheep, but now they saw those things as messengers of God's work in the world.

G. K. Chesterton said it well: "There was a man who dwelt in the east centuries ago.  And now I cannot look at a sheep or sparrow, a lily or a cornfield, a raven or a sunset, a vineyard or a mountain, without thinking of Him."  When Chesterton wrote those words, he wasn't thinking of a tour in the Holy Land, but simply of what the teachings of Jesus had done to his entire outlook on life.  Jesus gives a sacredness to the common elements of life.


This summer we have the opportunities to continue to be refreshed in Lord through our worship, and to be refreshed wherever we look in God's good creation as we see and marvel at the beauty of his handiwork.

Our Stewardship for May 

Average Attendance:    99

Year to Date:              109

Last Year:                   108

Average Offering:   $2612

Year to Date:          $3190

Budget:                   $3170

 Also given in May

Helping Hand Fund:     $67

Mexican Orphanage:   $454

Other Missions:            $40

Building Fund:            $110

Memorials:                    $85

Computer Fund:           $50

Food Bank:                   $20

Lutherwood Camp      $500

Piano Fund:                  $53

 Don't' forget to include the Lord's work in your will

Orphanage Rummage Sale

Hazel Sibillia and her crew put in a lot of work and took in $1,242.  Some of that will go towards solar panels to provide hot water for the orphanage and the rest for other needs.

Thank you to all who donated items and worked the sale.

Cows for Kenya

 Great job!  We received $2,157.04 which will buy 7 cows or camels which will give some financial stability to the families of native pastors and professional church workers.  We also sent another $313 for  disaster relief to LCMS World Relief.

Preschool Registrations

The preschool year is over and we are receiving applications for the new year in September.  Children should be at least 3½ by September.  So far we have received 19 applications for 36 spots, and there are 11 applications that have been sent out, but not returned yet.

Please encourage those you know with preschool children to check out our preschool.

We are also happy to report that our preschool teaching staff, Naomi McCollough and Michelle Diamond, will be returning for another year.  We are thankful to have a great staff who have served well all year.

Preschool News

Looking at the calendar, it is hard to believe it is the end of our school year.  It has been an enjoyable year at Grace Lutheran Preschool.  In May we prepared for the end of the year.                 We practiced our songs for our year end program.   In class we learned about different forms of sea life.  Our class had the opportunity to meet a real marine biologist.  The students were excited to   learn that our own Miss Michelle used to work with clown fish before working here.  The students also got to watch our caterpillars turn into butterflies and then release them.

Miss Naomi

Morelia Mexican Mission:  Hazel's Update 

Sunday, November 4, Church this morning and what a lively church it is!  Everyone is so friendly and so excited about their religion. (went to the same church as the kids go)  I think it is a Pentecostal church so the music is loud and the dancing is wild and the prayer afterwards is LONG but that's OK.

Next week we will go to Jake's church so we can experience both.

November 5, I walked the ‘Kinder' kids to school only 3 blocks away.  Just three of them this year and all dressed in white.  The market was open and I walked thru it, remodeling again.  Morelia is always changing.  Off to Sam's club for 6 big boxes of TP.  The mission has a new system.  A large dispenser of TP is in the kitchen and when a child has to go to the bathroom he or she must come and get what TP they will need.  This is way more controlled and uses less with no mess.  Anyway we figure that 6 boxes will last them one year?  Also got them 2 large buckets for washing floors.  They were about $65 US each but are so sturdy they should last a while.  Now if the kids can learn to use them!  Jake is a good teacher and determined to teach them.  After a good lunch we're off to a restaurant supply store.  We got 2 great fry pans (no Teflon) plus we got the equipment for Jake to make a big deep fryer.  It will be so much quicker for french fries and frying fish.  We also got a chopping  machine, if you could see the amount of salsa, fries, chopped   onions and other vegetables they prepare you would be amazed.  We went to a plumbing place and got a new water faucet for our kitchen sink.  Jake will put it in.  That was a good day's work.  Flor came over tonight to give us an update on the kids.  We have 5 of our kids in private school at the cost of $300 per month per child.  We have some help with this and the school does come up with some scholarship monies but the main chunk we must come up with.  We feel it is so necessary.  These kids would never make it in a regular school but in this private school they are excelling.  We found out that 2 of these little girls need psychological help also so they go to a specialist.  One of the boys needs a speech therapist so he is going to that, it just doesn't end for these little ones.

 You my dear friends are helping to pay for all of this.           Muchas Gracias and good night. Hazel

Mission News:  Nebraska

Grace Lutheran is linked to Winnebago, Neb., where Pastor Ricky Jacobs serves with Lutheran Association of Missionaries and Pilots U.S.  He writes, "Sometimes encouraging words are spoken when least expected.  This happened one Sunday morning following a prayer service at the youth shelter.  The man who was overseeing the children this day told me about a teacher at a Winnebago public school.  This teacher had informed him that she could tell which children had attended our preschool, Jesus Our Savior Lutheran Preschool here on the Winnebago reservation in north east  Nebraska.  I asked him why she said that and he went on to say that the graduates were attentive and respectful.  This was good news indeed, but it gets even better.

"This father has five children whom he is supporting with his loving wife.  His son, Marcus Jr., is one of our graduates.  They also have two older daughters who had attended our preschool for a short time.  Marcus Sr. went on to tell me that his son reminds his dad when they forget to pray.  This young five-year-old boy is a light to his family and a reminder to his father.  This young man has already stated that he wants to be a pastor someday.  The seed of God's gracious Word has been planted deep within his heart."

Do You Receive the LUTHERAN WITNESS?

It is time to renew annual subscriptions The Lutheran Witness, a publication of the Lutheran Church      Missouri Synod.  If you currently receive the magazine, please let Marianne know if you wish to continue to receive it.  If you do not currently receive it, you can get on the list by contacting Marianne.  There are some current issues and back issues of The Lutheran Witness  on the table in the Narthex for you to preview.  We have to submit the new list by June 22.

Card Rack

If you haven't already, check out the new greeting card rack in the fellowship hall.   It was skillfully built by Jim Higby with scrapes of lumber from other church    projects.

Single greeting cards and complete boxes are available at a reduced rate to make room for a new shipment.

Thanks to Jim for building this attractive card display rack!

Sunday School News

June 8 is the last day of Sunday School for the summer.  Our thanks to the Sunday School staff who have served so faithfully through the year:  Thanks to:  Yvette & Angus Pratt, Jonathan and ColleenHuffman, Dan Persse, Carole Liebert, Laura Nelson, Cheryl Fischer; and to those who       substituted on occasions: Cheryl Persse & Carolyn Higby. 

A Sunday School teacher was discussing the Ten Commandments with her five and six year olds.  After explaining the commandment to "Honor thy father and thy mother," she asked, "Is there a   commandment that teaches us how to treat our brothers and sisters?"  Without missing a beat, one little boy answered, "Thou shall not kill."

Summer Schedule

Beginning on Sunday, June 15th, worship will move up one hour to 9:30 a.m.  June 8th will be the last day of Sunday School for the summer.